Don’t be afraid: Grow succulents in a coffee can

  Notorious among my family and friends for killing every bit of live vegetation that has ever had the misfortune of ending up in my house, I am an eternal optimist and continue to find a way to include them in my life.  A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of some beautiful succulents [...]

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Introducing Frederic Chopin and the Thrift Store Trophies! (*insert thunderous applause here*)

  I do solemnly promise that this is my last spray paint post for a while…In my defense, I found something this week that just SCREAMED my name and that of my DIY BFF, Spray Paint.  Behold:     I was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest:     Trophies are usually found [...]

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Repurposed Shower Curtain Art

  I have fallen completely in love with Pinterest.  Collecting pictures of beautiful places, things, and crafts I’m not likely to attempt any time soon, or more likely, EVER, makes me happy.  The lack of time (and often motivation) in my life does not get me down, but rather fuels my imagination.  Mission accomplished, Pinterest! [...]

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close up doors

$12 Metal Cabinet Makeover

  Middle of the week garage sales are the spice of life.  (Well, my life, anyway.)  I found this “beauty” for $5 as I was leaving empty handed:     My girl has been wanting a “locker” in her room for a while, so this seemed like a great candidate.  As usual, spray paint saved [...]

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Close up Family pics blog

Our Summer Mantle (and the joy of shopping my house)

Armed with industrial-sized Swiffer pads, I finally swept away Spring (and an embarrassing amount of dust-please avert your eyes..)  from my mantle in time to put up my Summer paraphernalia which I store very carefully in a busted cardboard box (I’m a neat-freak, people).  Shopping my own house for a few little extras, here’s what [...]

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