Introducing Frederic Chopin and the Thrift Store Trophies! (*insert thunderous applause here*)

  I do solemnly promise that this is my last spray paint post for a while…In my defense, I found something this week that just SCREAMED my name and that of my DIY BFF, Spray Paint.  Behold:     I was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest:     Trophies are usually found [...]

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close up wreath blog

The “Day after Christmas” Christmas Post

Each year, I have nothing but good intentions as the holiday season approaches:  Let’s carve all of our Jack-o’-Lanterns using patterns designed by medieval monks, or bake 300 dozen cookies with ingredients found at no fewer than 4 stores in 3 area codes, and because we have all of this “extra” time, we can make our [...]

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Trash Day Fireplace Makeover

  Is there a sweeter word in the English language than the word “Free”?  (Well, there are a few runners up, but for a junker, “FREE” is an irresistible siren song.)  There I was, minding my own business, like I always do,  when to my wandering eye did appear this amazing FREE faux fireplace, waiting [...]

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right side blog

Autumn Mantle…(Bring out your pinecones, twigs and…Napoleon?!)

Frankly, I’ve been waiting for this moment since August 1st…that’s when the countdown to Autumn begins for me and when the soundtrack to “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” begins to haunt my dreams. Leaves in colors that are almost impossible to describe or depict, cool breezes that make little funnels of colors on the [...]

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Our Summer Mantle (and the joy of shopping my house)

Armed with industrial-sized Swiffer pads, I finally swept away Spring (and an embarrassing amount of dust-please avert your eyes..)  from my mantle in time to put up my Summer paraphernalia which I store very carefully in a busted cardboard box (I’m a neat-freak, people).  Shopping my own house for a few little extras, here’s what [...]

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Paper cone

The Quirk is Key, Valentine’s Day Mantle

So, I’m confessing (again!) that after my Christmas over-the-topness extravaganza, I’m a little bit sluggish when it comes to decking the halls for Valentine’s Day, but, after seeing so many beautiful vignettes online by some very talented folks, I thought I’d shop my house and give it a whirl.   I had a white peony [...]

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