The Quirk is Key, Valentine’s Day Mantle

So, I’m confessing (again!) that after my Christmas over-the-topness extravaganza, I’m a little bit sluggish when it comes to decking the halls for Valentine’s Day, but, after seeing so many beautiful vignettes online by some very talented folks, I thought I’d shop my house and give it a whirl.

This mirror is the best backdrop for everything...


I had a white peony bush from Michael’s already and Martha Stewart knew EXACTLY what I should do with its flowers..she always seems to know best.  Take a look at her Clip Art Carnation Cones.


The ephemera I’ve been collecting (FINE! hoarding) was a perfect quirky touch..(for me, the quirk is key).

Lastly, it wouldn’t be decor in my house without some sort of bit of family popping up in the mix..the letter in the frame was written to my husband’s Great (maybe even Great-Great) Grandma.  (Address is listed as “Brooklyn, NY.  That’s it.  No Street name or house number.  Can you imagine?) I would like to imagine it was a pulse-quickening love letter..(I’m taking serious artistic license here..)

Well friends, I wish you a lovely week, and may you remember to be your own most devoted Valentine.


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Home Stories A2Z
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    1. Me says:

      I love it! I’m happy, however, that I chose a red berry theme for my winter decor so Valentine’s Day is taken care of…the music cones are genius!

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