Sasquatch and the Desk

A major source of anxiety for me every Saturday in the Spring is the fact that my kid’s sports occur simultaneously as my favorite past time: Yard Sale-ing.  For someone who uses yard sale-ing as verb, this scheduling conflict is very troubling.  This past Saturday, as I was trying to un-see all of the Yard Sale signs I was zooming past on the way to soccer, I had the unlikeliest of things happen to me:  I was early to a game.  (If you know me, you know that me being early ANYWHERE is akin to a sighting of a Sasquatch on the beach).  So naturally, what does one do?  Turn the car around immediately and in a panic find the nearest yard sale where I can buy something I didn’t really need in the first place.

I struck gold.  I had been looking for a desk for my daughter (not seriously looking mind you, she’s been known to change her mind about what she’s “into” at least 100 times a day).  When we saw this baby leaning up against the barn (YAY!) marked $20, she was coming home with us.  (They threw in a pallet as a free gift.  It was a good day.)  By the way, don’t ask me details as to how the kids fit in the car after the purchase of the desk (I don’t drive a truck or a large SUV), but “somehow” we made it work.


See? Everything fits “perfectly”…(the pallet free gift with purchase was pretty amazing)


This is how she looked when we got her out of the car (I think the car deflated once we got the desk out of it.  I could have sworn I saw it breathe a sigh of relief).


Pretty good for $20!


At first, the universal consensus was that the desk was to be painted coral.  My kid was SURE she wanted coral.  Its her “favorite favorite favorite” color.  Or at least it was.  Until we got to Home Depot.  This is the color she chose instead:


“Citrus Hill” by Behr..wasn’t crazy about it at first..


This color would not have been my first choice, but in my daughter’s words: “I want you to spread your wings..”  Well, I did just that and we’re both pretty pleased with how it turned out:




I replaced the knobs with some I’d picked up at the $1 isle at Michaels a few months ago (I had been hoarding them for a while, waiting for the right project. Things like this do nothing but encourage me to continue “collecting”!)


The perfect place for academic excellence…(or just reading a good book…or magazine…or watching a YouTube video..)



Refinished yard sale desk. before and after.


So, the lesson I learned here was that A) it pays to be early and B) Sasquatches evidently DO go to the beach every once in a while..

Come check out these fabulous folks…you’ll be glad you did..

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    1. Jackie says:

      I love the way you spread your wings and performed magic on your desk. I purc hased the same knobs from Michael’s! Who could pass on the price! The color is beautiful!

      • Thank you so much! The MINUTE they put out new knobs at Michael’s I’m practically there grabbing them by the arm-load! (I feel bad for friends and family who shop in the same store ;)

    2. Ana Haydee says:

      Beautiful! I live the color for a girl. I enjoy somuch reading your blogs…they are wonderfully written!

    3. Great job!! And, your daughter was right about the color………You did such a great job it looks just like a piece of citrus colored glass. I wish I could do that well! Thanks for sharing with us.

    4. Sharon says:

      The desk turned out great. I’ve seen a lot of great furniture pieces lately at Goodwill and the Salvation Army that were extremely cheap. I don’t have room for anything else in my house, but I kept thinking about my kids and when they get their first places the furniture that we can re-do.

      • Its been a little hit or miss ’round here lately at both Goodwill and Salvation Army, so I was happy to have found this at a yard sale! (I don’t really have any room for anything else in my house either, but I just keep shifting furniture from here to there and somehow it still fits!) Thanks for stopping in to see me!

      • Mavrick says:

        Evoeyrne would benefit from reading this post

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