“Coffee” inspired coffee table

If there’s one thing that’s never made itself too comfortable in my house its our coffee tables…I have been able to change them as often as I change my hair color (I’m saving that story for a different post).  I’ve been lucky enough to find new-to-me tables at yard sales, thrift stores and roadside for little-to-nothing (everybody’s favorite price point).  We’ve also rotated coffee tables between family members..my old coffee table went to my sister, my mother’s table went to me, and so on and so on…However, I did pick up a table years ago that I was never able to circulate within the family…This big behemoth:

Hard to ignore this big boy...


For a while I was crazy about any and all black furniture, but like many of you, I’ve fully embraced the trend to lighten up, so after 2 seconds of deliberation, this seemed like the perfect canvas.  Enter Annie Sloan:  I went rogue and used TWO colors..


Already much better, don't you think?


I used CoCo on the legs and Old Ochre on the rest and then a nice coat of wax.  It looks much better, right?  But, I still thought it needed a little something.  Then, as I was leafing through my book, The Big Ass Book of Home Decor, (its as awesome as the title suggests, I promise) I was inspired by some Ikea tables that had been decoupaged with posters and thought of this:

Love this Art Deco style image and its colors


This poster was given to me by a dear friend but at some point before I was able to frame it, someone put their coffee cup on it and stained it.  The offending damage:


Ugh...I was hoping to put this on the wall..


So, armed with an exact-o knife, I went to work and ended up with this:


One lump or two?


A little Mod Podge and a couple of layers of polyurethane and voila:


Stop by for a cup of coffee when you're in town..



Now I just need to learn to make fancy coffee (read: not instant) and THEN we’re cooking with gas. Come check out the amazing projects and ideas featured at these fabulous parties:

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